Every penny of every dollar we receive is kept here in Central New York, escaping from the high cost of national affiliation fees.

Our Work

Rebuilding Central New York is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of affordable housing. Leveraging a volunteer network and corporate partnerships , Rebuilding CNY transforms the lives of local residents through programs by improving the health and safety of homes and revitalizing community spaces to better serve and support local residents. Rebuilding CNY believes we can accomplish great things when we come together as a community. Join Rebuiding CNY’s “We’re Better Together” movement.

Organization Overview

Founded in 1990, as the Oneida County affiliate to a national affordable housing non-profit,our organization built new homes, rehabilitated old houses and currently provides handy helper services and home repairs to low income senior, disabled and veteran homeowners.

In 2020, we completed a needs assessment conducted by our team. Founded over thirty years ago on the principal “working with economically disadvantaged people to help them create a better human habitat in which to live and work”, we immediately recognized that we must make changes in the organization to meet the evolving critical needs of our community while honoring the founding directors. We have designed programs and strategies for maximum impact to the area we serve. This change allows us to continue and expand programs that best meet the needs of the communities we serve and provide for greater service throughout out Central New York to our low-income families and most vulnerable population; elderly, disabled and veteran residents.

Our nonprofit organization, reorganized to move forward and conduct mission focused programs as Rebuilding Central New York, Inc.. This decision was decided after extensive research with the Board of Directors (past and present), senior management, other nonprofits, external advisors, corporate sponsors, charitable foundations, and community leaders. We believe home preservation is the best model to serve our growing population of low income families, senior, disabled and veteran home owners as well as our internal needs and the public interest.

We continue to advance our mission effectively and efficiently with local resources to continue our programs in a manner that must make sense to our community. The difficult decisions we act on today, will define improved out comes for our community’s tomorrow.

Rebuilding Our Future and Keeping It Local

Moving forward as Rebuilding CNY, every penny of every dollar we receive is kept here in Central New York, escaping from the high cost of national affiliation fees. It is an investment in building a better community and improving the quality of life for our neighbors in need in our CNY neighborhoods while creating sustainability to the organization for the greater good of the community we serve.

With any organization, programs, initiatives and missions can shift, as does our purpose should change to reflect the current climate. We have developed our programs to address unmet needs in our community. Over the course of our programs, circumstances in our community have changed. Re-starting through COVID-19 presents different challenges, but is also provides opportunities to survive through such struggles. It has evolved for stronger collaboration and non-duplication of services and rising costs of maintaining nonprofits as we continue searching for the same funding resources. Rebuilding CNY’s ‘We’re Better Together’ movement could not be more effective than now; providing a greater full service platform and united front to serve our rapidly growing aging-in-place and low income residents with safe, healthy and affordable housing.

Our Safe and Healthy Home model provides essential home repairs to the elderly, disabled and veteran homeowner population to age-in-place with safety and independence. We are currently expanding our services to include a Handy Helper program to provide the critical component needed to fill the void of services essential in developing the overall aging-in-place safe and healthy home model.

Our organization works in collaboration with municipalities in blighted areas for greater impact to the communities we serve. Our programs are funded through a comprehensive resource development plan which includes grants; corporate, organization and individual donations; gifts-in-kind; and fundraising activities such as an annual appeals and sponsored events. The organization’s programs and operations are volunteer driven, except for a small paid staff. We have a conservative estimate of engaging over 5,000 volunteers – donating more than 150,000 hours to improve the lives of our neighbors in need in this area.

The core building services and programs serve low income families, seniors, disabled and veteran homeowners in need of small home repairs and handyman projects. The low income guidelines for the CNY Counties are provided through U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to determine the eligibility of low income.