The Rebuilding Central New York Tool Lending Center is in the final development stages and is expected to launch in the Fall of 2021.

We’re Better Together Movement

Known as a tool library, the Rebuilding CNY Community Tool Lending Center will share its current inventory of tools, equipment and expertise with other community based organizations necessary for their volunteers or staff to fix up community centers, shelters and nonprofit facilities as they help improve our communities.

Local organizations often have restricted budgets limiting their ability to rent or purchase tools and equipment necessary to improve their facilities or complete community projects. The Rebuilding CNY Community Tool Lending Center will allow these partnering organizations, agencies and groups to maximize the use of limited resources.

Access to RCNY’s Community Tool Lending Center tools and equipment eliminates the need for organizations, groups and agencies to incur the expense of purchasing, repairing and storing tools, reducing the costs associated with service projects; allowing these groups to focus more of their resources on their mission.

Borrowing tools from the Rebuilding CNY Community Tool Lending Center is convenient, inexpensive and provides the ability to maximize community engagement to achieve greater impact.

Rebuilding CNY Community Tool Lending Center inventory is available to organizations such as:

  • Nonprofit-charitable organizations
  • Schools and parent–teacher organizations
  • Neighborhood associations and organized volunteer groups
  • Faith based groups
  • Civic and community-based service organizations

The Community Tool Lending Center inventory includes a range of landscaping, painting, carpentry, gardening, masonry tools and equipment for special events, improvement projects and volunteer workdays. With an inventory of more than 750 items, the Tool Lending Center has amounts large enough to equip dozens of volunteers for small to medium community projects.

Rebuilding CNY Community Tool Lending Center maintains a 3,200 square foot tool and equipment warehouse located in the lower level of the ReUse Store located at 494 French Road, Utica.

Don’t Just Make a Donation – Make an Impact!

By donating your tools to the Rebuilding CNY Tool Lending Center, you’re supporting hands-on projects and programs working every day to make our local communities better.

We provide the tools necessary for partnering organization volunteers or staff to fix-up, repair and revitalize community centers, parks, gardens, shelters and nonprofits as they help improve our community through their mission.